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The company Stabilo, founded in 1997, deals with rental of construction equipment. The company President is Jacek Kuśmierczyk.

We provide our customers the opportunity to purchase modern used shuttering-sets, for shuttering ceilings, walls, columns, substrings and other reinforced concrete monolithic structures. Shuttering-sets were produced by recognized companies operating on the Polish construction market: PERI, DOKA, Hünnebeck and constitute a part of our offer.

The assortment of our company consists of formwork systems PERI Trio, DOKA Framax and Alu Framax, Manto Hünnebeck, DOKA traditional slab formwork, Topec Hünnebeck, and a wide range of steel props and accessories for shuttering (timber beams, heads, consoles, supporting brackets, struts, diagonal struts, walers, lifting hooks, push-pull props, flanges, wedges, pins, bolts, screws, tie rods, nuts and other accessories).

We also offer high quality shuttering waterproof plywood with bilateral film, which significantly extends the multiple usage and provides high quality concrete surface.

Moreover, the offer of our company involves new containers for construction facilities: office containers, social containers, sanitary containers, warehouse containers, that are custom – made.

Construction equipment owned by Stabilo company, is characterized by durability, quality and origin from recognized manufacturers from the European Union and safety of the use of these shuttering elements in practice.

The advantages of our offer include:

  • - a large selection of used and technical operable equipment,
  • - availability of the assortment from warehouse on ad hoc basis,
  • - opportunity of examining available equipment before making a decision to purchase it
  • and favorable conditions of payment for the goods we offer.     

Our engineers provide professional and comprehensive service for the sale or rental of construction equipment.

We would like to add that we have had a significant group of customers satisfied with the level of our services.

We operate within the Polish territory and the neighboring countries as well as the countries of the European Union.

We invite you to cooperation.